How Liberals and Conservatives Like Their “Democracy”

How do Liberals and Conservatives — our precious Democrat and Republican loyalists — like their “Democracy”? Pretty raw if you ask the Preservation Society.

Let us pretend for a moment that Liberals and Conservatives understand what they are doing. Let us take at face value that when they vote, they are informed citizens casting the ballot with full knowledge of the facts. This is not to say that all politicians are against the rank-and-file individual’s interests. The system they must labor in forces them to run with the pack, or remain ineffectively alone.

There is nothing to feel insulted about if you call yourself a Liberal or Conservative (the insult has been made already, if you can’t detect it). The Preservation Society is all recovering Liberals and Conservatives.

What, then, is it that Liberals and Conservatives support when they vote for the “lesser of two evils”, or worse, actually believe they are voting for a quality candidate who has their interests in mind?

Well, they know as informed citizens that acts of terrorism are the predictable consequences of bad policies. One might even call it common sense. But never mind, Liberals and Conservatives love to put aside common sense  in order to accommodate their superiors’ profit. The rank-and-file prefer to follow our lead in pretending — if we assume they are well informed — that terrorism is about wild-eyed Middle Easterners who want to impose sharia law on the world. Yes, makes perfect sense, doesn’t it — you identity justice Liberals?

Middle Eastern individuals are apparently stupid enough that they would rather blow themselves up for some ideal, than to live a happy life under American and European bombs, sponsored dictators and torture. But some will object that we have it backwards, that “our” bombs are only in response to the big bad terrorists. What does this mean? That millions of Middle Easterners (or anybody who commits terrorism) are more interested in cults than living their lives. Would they rather see their children die for sharia? But the majority of Americans and Europeans wouldn’t do that. We are too “civilized” for such things! Surely the “bigots” are right then! These Middle Easterners are inhuman savages. The Liberal seems to agree when they vote for Democrats, despite what platitudes they may utter.

Could it be that “The War On Terror” has replaced “The Cold War” as cover for invading countries and overthrowing governments, not to mention increasing pointless military budgets? The “Islamofascist” is the new “godless commie”. Perhaps life if too boring for Liberals and Conservatives — our informed voters — without their boogie men.

War after unnecessary war, the loyalist Liberal and Conservative herd run to support their masters and prostrate themselves before the alter of Our profit. Like clockwork, at the initial phase of every conflict, every “war-time president” gets massive approval ratings from their devoted lemmings, until the lemmings slowly realized that they’ve been lied to and used. But that will not deter them in future campaigns. Up next, Iran. Can’t wait!

Weapons for war not schools or solar power, not for re-mediating the soil, or cleaning up rivers. Trumped up conflict is as old as apple pie. How else are manufactures to make a profit on tanks and fighter jets? You can’t use a missile to build a hospital, and you can’t use a tank to plant a garden. And how else is business to get cut-rate deals on resources and slave labor without war? Our beloved herd of Liberals and Conservatives are perfectly willing to throw their kids and friends and family into the fire to accommodate our material and hegemonic gluttony. Does it go without saying these are family values pro-life moralists?

These Liberals/Conservatives apparently know Our wars cost enormous amounts, and generally produce nothing good, except Our profits and domination. These wise parents teach their children that a few individuals “owning” billions of dollars while the masses live in economic anxiety is a-okay. It is not the story of “the privileged taking advantage of the poor”, but of “special individuals who deserve their wealth”.

What well-informed Liberal/Conservative doesn’t know they can count on Us to crash the economy periodically through Our scams which are respectfully called bubbles? And not prosecute Us to boot! Thank you.

Then, in an effort to protect profits of the food sector, rank-and-file Liberals and Conservatives join forces with their ruling class to fill their comestibles with artificial chemicals, hormones and toxins — while simultaneously jacking up the price of “organic food”, ie, natural uncontaminated foods. They help us market the latter as hoity-toity liberal designer foods. We appreciate the sacrifice they are making of their children.

But it doesn’t stop there. The rank-and-file Liberal and Conservative throw away, not only their kids’ health, but their very futures, indeed, that of society, by protecting their profit-making betters from the ravages of environmentalism. We say thank you. It may destroy the village but at least you save filthy, archaic industries. Who cannot but love this ultimate sacrifice of love? Beautiful! They even do this against their own better judgment, as many Liberals call themselves environmentalists.

Apparently, “devotion to God” means obeying man-oriented commandments rather than respecting the “creation” he took seven painstaking days to bring into being (anything that takes God seven days must be painstaking).

And, as well informed individuals, these Liberals and Conservatives surely know they could significantly reduce their own working hours with modern day computers and efficiencies. Technology gives them the opportunity to liberate themselves from drudgery and unnecessary suffering, to make personal human fulfillment the center piece of society. Yet they prefer to continue their daily toil for our pointlessly ever increasing wealth, much of which is thrown out as waste anyway. And much of that wealth made exponential due to prioritizing technology for profit and not mass liberation.

We raise a glass to Liberals and Conservatives. We love our obedient and stupid herd. The Preservation Society has a favorite saying we first introduced in another article:

There’s nothing dumber than a Conservative except the Liberal, because only the Liberal is capable of losing to a Conservative . . . even when they win — just ask John Kerry or Al Gore. But then, there’s nothing dumber than a Liberal except the Conservative, because only the Conservative is capable of making the Liberal look almost respectable.

Devoted as you may be to the Ruling Class, isn’t it time you helped us preserve society? because this cozy arrangement is in danger of collapse without your competent participation. While we value your loyal ignorance, isn’t it worth it to you to challenge us once in a while and to possibly go beyond?

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