Ruling Class Society

Ruling Class Society

Call of the Wildcall-of-the-wild-cartoon Why do the masses want to be Fido?

A wonderful little cartoon from Guardian Newspaper of London. It was reprinted in an equally curious volume from Our studies library called Why Work? Published by Freedom Press, London. It is a collection of essays challenging the necessity of toil and what constitutes “useful work”.  The anarchists will recognize one of their prophets in Peter Kropotkin. Also making an appearance is none other than Bertrand Russell with a piece called In Praise of Idleness. A strange book to be found in a one percent library.

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    In a neoliberalism society people on have value when they’re contributing to the machine, when they have a job, when they have debt, when they participate in the capitalistic paradigm. Conservatives aren’t any better, if you’re not a “hard worker” you’re a slacker. Both see homelessness as a consequence of something the homeless did, it’s all their fault. Back hundreds or more years ago missionaries recruited “savages” to be part of the machine and part of their congregation otherwise they remained savages. Colonization or conquered: pick one! Democratic workplaces where people own part of the business, own the fruits of their labors and get paid reasonably as a group are really considered “socialistic”. How dare they compromise the disproportionate salary of a CEO by taking more of the pie themselves; this is blasphemy! It’s sick but people don’t fight back because they love their stuff, they have a responsibility to keep up with their peers, they need their health care. People don’t take jobs they love in the USA, they take jobs that give them the best pay and benefits. They become slaves to the machine and that’s just the way the machines likes it.


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