Wasting the Masses — A Ruling Class Imperative

In October 2013, Jonathan Gruber, an MIT economics professor, said at a conference held at Wharton Business School, “Lack of transparency is a huge political advantage,” and “…. basically, call it the stupidity of the American voter or whatever, but basically that was really, really critical for the thing to pass.”

“Dr.” Gruber was talking about the ACA, the infamous Obamacare and he was right. Without the brilliant stupidity of the masses, this health care scam would never have passed. Gruber’s view simply reflects the way the ruling class and its minions think about the masses. Without mass stupidity and an authoritarian-friendly ego, courtesy of label thinking, Obamacare would never be considered as a serious attempt to provide health care to society.

Obamacare would probably be considered an insult in a more advanced realm. Not so in ruling class society. Reduced to the thinking capabilities of a door knob, the Conservative fears Obamacare as socialism, part of a communist take over — that mandates private profit to corporations. The Liberal tell themselves that they are “a step closer to single payer” — while supporting the same private profit mandate. Of course, it ought to be understood that private profit, in turn, is a reward for overpriced substandard quality, which both Liberals and Conservatives somewhat understand.

Ruling class minions might want to ask: Must We really sic Our Dr. Grubers on the masses? Our fellow minions in the health care “industry”, and lower order health care professionals cringe at the thought of universal health care. Billion dollar insurance companies would have to be sacrificed. And this does not sit well with many members of the Preservation Society. Many of them have big interests in insurance. What other way is there to reap ever bigger fees and prices than abusing the trust of the masses?

Single-payer health care is far more effective than an unregulated system in bringing full health care to the masses without having them incur unnecessary debt that makes it harder for them to buy things, pay off their debts and spend their money for Our greater enrichment. Bismarck, the conservative Prussian Prime Minister, implemented the first public programs in hopes of diminishing the popularity of socialism. In Bismarck and State Socialism, historian William Dawson quotes Gustave Schmoller, a contemporary economist, who stated that state socialism proposed

the re-establishment of a friendly relationship between social classes, the removal or modification of injustice, a nearer approach to the principle of distributive justice, with the introduction of a social legislation which promotes progress and guarantees the moral and material elevation of the lower and middle classes.

Germany was not hurt. The rich were not impoverished, and a vast population of poverty still existed, ie, the status quo was maintained. And it went beyond that. By 1900, it was considered the most advanced country in the world. The New Deal did not work out so badly either.

But the ruling class cannot leave well enough alone. We are now currently in the processes of decommissioning those programs — unless We are stopped — and with it modern society. This is not helpful to the ruling class. Why not throw the dog a bone and win hearts and minds with universal coverage?

The simple answer is: we don’t have to. And that’s all the the conditions the ruling class needs to run rough shod over Our lower orders. We could take the opportunity to appease the masses but it is not in the nature of the Supreme Executive to not exploit what it can, and that means the masses and the Earth.

The Ninth Wonder Of The World

Behind closed doors, and often with a chuckle, the Preservation Society refers to the masses as the sucker class. And it’s not just Us in the ruling class, but anybody with a higher perspective would have contempt for the wretched lower orders. A more advanced society would have spite for our modern medieval types. “Why would they accept such nonsense. Why do they treat their neighbors so barbarically? Why do they send their sons and daughters to kill and die, to torture and be tortured in blatantly and painfully unnecessary wars? Idiots! And all in service of their ruling class, not themselves! Boy, I’m glad I didn’t live then…”

The willful ignorance and denial of the masses is truly a marvel. We call it the Ninth Wonder of the World (Rockefeller and JP Morgan called compound interest the Eighth Wonder). It is not confined to the masses either. On the contrary the disease of the Ninth Wonder plagues the ruling class as well. But We are not part of this phenomenon because the ignorance and denial benefit Us. You are part of the Ninth Wonder if you are one of the masses who sacrifice for Our wealth and power and dedicate most of their lives to ruling class agenda lies — that is where the true wonder comes in.

There’s far more money being sucked out of the economy by the top than goes to the bottom. This should be obvious to see. One ought not need “evidence” to see this. It’s as obvious as the ruling class above us all. Yet many loyal middle class and business people join their superiors in supporting tax cuts, budget cuts, more cops on the street, and blaming the powerless poor for a crumbling nation. While these attitudes and measures may benefit the ruling class for a short period, they do not stop society from crumbling, only accelerate it.

The Sucker Class

We can not help abusing the masses. It is the defining trait of Our relationship. In effect, We can not help agitating the herdand practically challenging them to become real people. It is in Our nature as ruling class minions, and as dictated by the zeitgeist of the Supreme Executive, to pursue more wealth and power, and to look suspiciously on all things. It does not matter how accommodating the miserable lower orders become, it is never enough.

The Conservative masses helped Us to destroy unionism through their general hostility toward institutions that brought them whatever creature comforts and liberties they’ve enjoyed. Today, with the assistance of their unwitting Liberal allies, together — Liberals, conservatives and the ruling class — are dismantling the New Deal and “democracy” altogether. Must this really happen? How many of the masses know that by merely working, paying tax, ignoring serious issues, voting for Liberals or Conservatives, they are supporting the ruling class, and its assault on them?

The problem is the ease with which the masses fall into the complacency of the sucker class. Suckers are oblivious to the scam being perpetrated on them. They often unwittingly assist their assailants. This is the goal in breeding the masses. We essentially breakdown their social defense skills as a society. Individually they may have the liberty to complain, but collectively they are more or less impotent. They cope in various ways: drugs, blaming others, by accepting their middle class liberties as true freedom, feeling their power in bullying others,  etc….

The masses will do almost anything to avoid the pain of their situation except to meet the reality and challenge of their ruling class head on. False pride is potent to the autonomy of the herd mentality. The principle of the big fish in a little pond is an excellent deflector of unwanted attention to the ruling class. The sucker class in the little pond blame each other and their little-big fish, while the little-big fish is occupied with controlling his sucker class and taking pride in his little domain, while sacrificing to his boss above him. The upper middle class, is the upper end of the sucker class.

From Our point of view, like junk food, the sucker class is an immediate and irresistible source of gratification, but terrible for long-term health.

The Well-Meaning Herd

Our field reports are replete with “decent” individuals found among the masses, who go out of their way for their children and others. In fact, it is a wonder to many of Us at the Preservation Society, that the myth of the “sinful man” and the guilt society still hold sway. More advanced individuals recognize them as symptoms of an unhealthy society, who’s immune system has broken down.

Herm works for a sign maker. His job is to take customer orders and assist them with their needs. He claims not to love his job, but he always seemed to get excited about each new project. It seemed to Our informant that Herm over-strategized and over-complicated the work. Once Herm had to take a day off so that he could wait for the plumber to come fix his sink. But this was no excuse to be lazy. Before he left work for the day, Harold told Our informant, “If you want to send me some orders to process from home I don’t mind. I have nothing else to do.  I’ll just be waiting for the plumber”. This is in addition, it must be kept in mind, to the fact that “jobs” are in themselves servitude to the ruling class in the first place. And what boss doesn’t love such commitment?

Why isn’t Herm entitled to the security of his own home? Herm is the type We want populating Our masses, helpful and harmless to the ruling class. The higher orders ought to feel obligated to return Herm’s good will. He should never have to question why he’s going homeless. Herm ought to feel secure living in his little apartment and working at his little job. Imagine how solid ruling class stability could be if the average individual never faced “real problems”. The Establishment protects Herm against Earth-shattering realities so that he can afford to ignore the ruling class above him. But what if  Our looting crashed the economy yet again? What if the sign making business dropped off as a result? Then Herm might just begin to ask questions. Until then, he is willing to give Us more than he needs to.

Let Us, in the ruling class, support the Herms of the world, for they are the type of individual who’s focus does not have to shift from “enjoyment” to “chores”. It is all chores to Herm. It’s all the same and he’s resigned himself to this occupation. He has come to terms with it for all eternity, and is, by all appearances, a “well-adjusted” and “contented” individual. Herm exhibits the perfect herd mentality. And the herd mentality is at the heart of the sucker class. The herd individual has no other ideas or conceptions of reality that vie with Establishment breeding. The danger is that we all are susceptible alien things.

We have heard many testimonials from careerists to toilers who love their jobs and then betray their true feelings. Whether its accounting, advertising, or cooking up wars to fighting them, Our well-meaning allies are the herd among the masses, the perfectly abusable archetype.

Paola loves her paralegal job. She loves doing good, quality work, and loves helping the clients. But how much can an individual love her job when she participates in the cathartic ritual of gentle anti-job humor at the office’s expense. She too says “thank god, its Friday.”

Wendell, a colleague of Paola’s, was going on a trip to Paris.

“Ooh,” said Paola, “sounds wonderful. I just love French men.”

“Would you like me to bring you back one?” joked Wendell.

“Preferably a rich one, so I can quit!”

The office had a good laugh, though it did not sound like Paola really loved her job. She does not know that she only loves it to accommodate the ruling class. Why pay back Paola’s loyalty by raiding her pension? Why tax her more when the mass affluent can pay more? Why push Paola to see the real person inside of her? Keep the herd alive!

In the pages of Plutocrats, by Chrystia Freeland, we find Michael Evon, a mother of two and employee at the Zappos call center in Las Vegas. Even though being just a few minutes late to work is a fireable offense, she loves her Zappos “family”. You can almost hear the emphatic desperation in the her voice.

“I’m completely happy answering the phones — and that sounds insane,” she tells  Freeland. “They really let me accommodate the customer. There are a lot of exceptions made and it gives you a great feeling — you are able to help someone.”

The Zappos “family” encourages heart-warming relations between service-provider and customer. One can’t fault the woman for trying to make the best of her situation. Michael’s longest call lasted six hours with a customer who wanted to return a pair of shoes and ended up “buying a bathing suit and bonding.” Human energy well spent from Our point of view. But one might ask how long can Michael hold out before she contributes to the instability of Our setup?

Wouldn’t Michael be more productive and stable were she not stressed to the breaking point? As the Preservation Society, this gives us great concern. As minions of the ruling class We don’t care much. If the masses will allow Us to drive them harder and harder, We will — with no thought to the instability we might be inviting.

A young woman named Maria Fernandes, who worked four jobs, including two shifts at Dunkin Donuts, was found dead in front of a Wawa gas station in New Jersey. She was napping between shifts and succumbed to car fumes. That is mind-boggling sacrifice to those of Us in the ruling class. We could never imagine such a life was bearable, perhaps it wasn’t…. It is important to remember that Maria’s hard life was not necessary to the well-being of society. Society would have been better off had she a higher quality life, but then she would have cost Us more. Maria’s situation is necessary if society is going to accept a ruling class. The upper echelons  were always reluctant to pay the price for a stable and “healthy” ruling class society. Wasting the masses is too easy.

The masses ought to have no doubt as to the systemic nature of these circumstances. It is not a big “evil-doer” here and there doing it to the “people”, it is not a one-time freak occurrence, it is the logic of the ruling class relationship with its masses. One sees this clearly enough in China. Apple factories in the ancient country drive their workforce to the brink of suicide and have to lay nets around the perimeter of their buildings to prevent them. Strikes and protests are growing rapidly.

The labor situation is so dire in China, that in 2006 the government proposed a Draft Labor Contract Law providing a minimum of labor standards. Many US corporations — from the land of liberty — fought against it. We did not want to lose that precious cheap disposable labor. And if We oppose labor rights there, what makes the masses think We are any less hostile to them over here? The whole point is cheap labor. People can wasted and discarded, it is not about making the economy better. What does it say about Our concern for the American masses? The Great Institution wants to turn the First World into China. Will the American masses allow Us to push them that far? Incredibly and helpfully, Herm and Paola assist Us in Our agenda, in which individuals like Maria Fernandez are Our tragic but inevitable victims.

The higher orders could recognize that the masses are more than willing to give their time and attention to Our profit. Much as We might appreciate this, it is appreciation the con-artist has for the sucker. The sucker class individual has learned not to suspect their higher-ups, just as they’ve been conditioned to suspect their neighbors. They are under the impression that their leaders are pushing for their well-being. They believe that the ruling class, if it exists, pursue higher profit. The masses even understand that We will cheat for it, and yet this does not phase their good will towards their jobs — at least superficially. We have corralled them into a mindset that ensures the connection between their jobs, debt and the ruling class is too tangential to society.

The masses have no agenda of conquest, hegemony and domination. They just want to live their lives and enjoy their interests and hobbies. That should be good enough for Us. But it isn’t. Just when they relax and enjoy their social gains and turn their attention to more frivolous things, We slither in and work to oppose them.

The Push Back

Once again, We say it is astonishing that the masses don’t seem to know that the ruling class is constantly threatening their well-being. They only have history to prove it. We thought the breaking point of the masses was much lower. It seems systemic collapse will be the end, not revolution — a monument to Our spectacular success as a ruling class.

Through their ruling class breeding the masses have learned to keep the ruling class out of social issues altogether, or they’ve learned to embrace it. The masses for the most part see FDR, not as a ruling class one-percenter concerned with saving the status quo, but as a grandfatherly figure concerned about the “people”. The masses gathered round for his quaint and cozy Fireside Chats. They don’t view Lincoln, as an industrial capitalist partisan, bent on eliminating a rival form of ruling class capitalism, but as a savior of Union and liberator of peoples.

The masses need to be less trusting of their masters. If they want to be the pampered masses they need to wake up and force Us into compromise. The sucker class must be a little less gullible for their own good. If the middle class wants to keep its middling life it would do well to know what’s going on. Hiding behind Liberals and Conservatives might be comforting, but it is also highly toxic and corrosive to the health of society and well being of the ruling class. The consequences are now being played out.

The main problem in ruling class society is that a stable society of the “the pampered lower orders” implies wealth to be appropriated and privilege to be wary of. And so the drama of another “business cycle” begins again.

Recent history shows that if We allowed the “progress” of society to succeed incrementally, and then roll some of it back now and then, We might maintain a balanced ruling class society. The higher orders would never have to fear instability if the masses were incapable of rising up. A constant ebb and flow of dangling “liberty” and reforms before the noses of the sucker class, compromising with the masses, and then pulling it away represents the ideal relationship.

The ruling class, however, does not work like that. We, Ourselves as the ruling class, are incapable of managing society in a responsible manner. It is the mandate of the Supreme Executive that the ruling class must appropriate what is conquerable and destroy what appears threatening. To leave something alone means it is not important to the ruling class or the cost of conquest is deemed to great. What cost is there in taking on a video game-playing, god-fearing, Beyonce-adoring masses? Manipulating such a population is like taking candy from a baby. It is worse: at least the baby realizes it has been fleeced, not so Liberals and Conservatives. They come back for more.

The masses must treat Us like an animal, though We are more like a monster because the Great Institution is a greedy one, and We usually have bad intentions if We don’t get what We want. That should not deter Our loyalists. The masses should see Us as a friend or at least a tumor they must accommodate and live with, but like an animal, We must be treated with the respect due to the ruling class. That means the masses ought to have strict delineations of acceptable behaviors and well defined boundaries. But taking Us as friends, the masses allow Us to abuse their trust.

In ruling class society the individual of the masses will do well to remember their role and place. We need push back. Hate your fellow Liberals and Conservatives, blame the poor, and always but respect your ruling class. If Our power, strength and agenda are ignored, if Our nature is not understood and dealt with, then de facto, society lets its guard down. As a consequence, the tumor grows unchecked, and like the great monster that is the ruling class, We would eat your face off and chase it down with your children’s blood. If you think We exaggerate, see this TED Talks How young blood might help reverse aging. That’s just the public stuff.


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