The Dysfunctional Functionality of Ruling Class Society

It is sad to watch the deliberate disintegration of the society that has benefited Us so much. “Us” does not refer to the little masses. Oh, no. We’re talking about those of Us for whom the masses labor and sacrifice, we who don’t have to worry about a job or poverty or saving up for this or that. “If you can’t buy it, you don’t deserve it”. That’s a ruling class motto. It makes Us better than you. And that’s why the collapse of the First World is especially sad for those of Us in the ruling class. If it were up to the Preservation Society, we would all be enjoying, to varying degrees, a very long and stable ruling class society. But alas, the Supreme Executive is a powerful force.

The fate of all powerful ruling classes is self destruction. Nothing can prevent the higher orders from destroying its foundations other than a strong foundation that fights back and works to strengthen itself. You are failing miserably.

Do not get Us wrong. The case against capitalism is an open and shut case, but by encouraging the masses to act intelligently We hope to maintain the status quo, which has brought Us to this crisis in the first place! That is a healthy ruling class for you. It’s a sick, twisted place. Yet We wouldn’t want it any other way.

Consider the opinion piece recently published in the New York Times, What We Need to Fight the Next Financial Crisis. Ben Bernanke, Timmy Geithner and Hank Paulson are the authors of record. Theirs is one of many pieces lately warning about the next great crash, signalling that one is perhaps on the way. They consign the US to another financial collapse, which they take as inevitable, leading to question why anybody would want to run their society in this way?

Here is what these masters of economics said:

Are we ready for the next crisis? In some respects, yes. Reforms of financial regulation have helped make the system more resilient, making a crisis less likely to occur. Banks and other key financial institutions are financially stronger, and the gaps in regulatory oversight have largely been closed. Regulators are more attuned to systemwide risks. Our main concern is that these defenses will erode over time and risk-taking will emerge in corners of the financial system that are less constrained by regulation.

Even if a financial crisis is now less likely, one will occur eventually.

Not only is the next crisis inevitable, it is a giant monster our courageous politicians are wrestling. This does not need to happen of course. In reality, diving headlong into depression is not necessary. Society knows how to run a strong healthy economy, but that would have to come at the sacrifice of ruling class excess. And checking excess is too sane in these extreme times. Thus, another crash is coming.

In order to protect the deliberate dismantling of the regulations that brought on the collapse, the three priests, Bernanke, Geithner and Paulson tell tall tales. “The seeds of the panic were sown over decades, as the American financial system outgrew the protections against panics that were put in place after the Great Depression.” Why would that happen? Who made the money? But the corporate news media and their political colleagues would like to blame policy decisions, an error in judgment. They like to say officials “didn’t know better” but now know better.

And while your gallant stewards wrestle with phantom economic forces, the lower masses are guilty of the “desire to maintain relative living standards,” which, “no doubt contributed to a surge in household borrowing before the crisis.” The guilt society. In Our world decent living standards are a gluttonous irresponsibility, unless you have “earned” it, in which case you can be as wasteful and gluttonous as you want. It is the same world that thinks preventable, foreseeable crashes are inevitable.

The masses are taught to respect this system despite its obvious criminal actions. Economist Michael Hudson said, “The $4.3 trillion that could have been used to save debtors was given to the banks and Wall Street firms whose recklessness and outright fraud caused the crisis.” Compare that bit of common sense to the ruling class contrived society we live in, the one of Bernanke, Geithner and Paulson: “The paradox of any financial crisis is that the policies necessary to stop it are always politically unpopular.” Since when is making things better politically unpopular?

Why would anyone choose to live in such a society?

* * *

The system doesn’t even function as advertised. Only daft simpletons can believe in economic competition for instance. Yet it is a central principle of capitalism. One that justifies brutal inequality for the masses. For the higher orders it is another story that supports Our cause. The “reality” is as JD Rockefeller himself said “competition is a sin”. All the ruling class agrees on that. One cannot leave profit to the vagaries of competition or chance. The stakes are just too high.

Profit must be guaranteed for top organizations.  In this endeavor, the DEA has rescheduled CBD oil. Antimedia reports “The DEA decision applies only to ‘FDA-approved’ drugs, meaning they have just granted GW Pharmaceuticals a monopoly on plant-derived CBD”. A DEA spokesperson said, “As of right now, any other CBD product other than Epidiolex remains a Schedule I controlled substance, so it’s still illegal under federal law.”

How’s that for competition?

To add insult to injury, just over a year ago Antimedia reported on a DEA report that “admitted” “[n]o deaths from overdose of marijuana have been reported.”

They even acknowledge that cannabis use can cause “[m]erriment, happiness, and even exhilaration at high doses,” as well as “[d]isinhibition, relaxation, increased sociability, and talkativeness.” The illegal, allegedly dangerous substance even causes — gasp — “[e]nhanced sensory perception, giving rise to increased appreciation of music, art, and touch.”

This is what the DEA is “protecting” the public from by giving GW Pharmaceuticals a monopoly? Actually, yes. Consciousness raising is never acceptable to the ruling class. But there is more going on. The ruling class is not interested in letting the masses have control of cannabis. There’s too much money involved. We will try to make it a monopoly like other pharma. Unfortunately though, cannabis is a plant which can be grown quite easily. Justifying a monopoly will be difficult. On the other hand, the masses are letting Us do a lot that they should probably be opposing.

* * *

Let’s hop the pond over to France shall we? If one wants to talk ruling class dysfunction, take a look at the plight of smaller towns in that country.

Smaller cities and towns are being decimated by strip malls and suburban sprawl. They are destroying the beauty they have built up in order to profit from the dystopian commercial car culture and plain and ugly buildings, preferred by developers.

Then there’s the mirgant caravan headed toward the U.S. while Europe slaps a quota of migrant acceptance on its austerity strapped countries. It is highly likely that this caravan is organized at some level. Indeed, when one sees NGOs involved, one must question. North of the Rio Grande the evil anti-migrant pro-Trumpers supposedly have sent “mail bombs” to prominent U.S. politicians (Look up operation Gladio). Is this to rejuvenate the flagging interest in terrorism? Anyway these events are good timing for DC. There is fear of the disappointing conclusions of the anticipated Mueller report. Politico put it clearly enough, Mueller report PSA: Prepare for disappointment. Looks like Liberals are in for embarrassment.

These are the things the corporate media focuses on when scientists warn that catastrophic environmental collapse is essentially upon us. Dane Wigington at Geoengineering Watch said on his weekly show, we have past “the point of no return decades ago” and geoengineering is not helping.

So rolls on this absurd society.


  • Reblogged this on Today,s Thought and commented:
    Well written , interesting content, a very interesting writing style. It’s fascinating, is it not ? Martin Armstrong’s, writing , or should I say blogging, leads us to the history of cycles and the repeat of that history.
    I laugh more often now , knowing that all the lies don’t matter anymore, and the excelerating of The Grand Solar Minimum from approximately 2015-2055. All the rest of it is noise, nothing, nada. Some know, most don’t!
    It’s amazing to me that even the ” ones ” , who have learned , researched, formulated using the math of science at all levels, published their findings in science journals around the globe. No body will debate their work . They are called hoaxers and not realitive to the real problem of global warming.
    With the dropping of the sun spots and the effect of the sun’s change on earth as it happened during the Maulder minimum starting in 1645. That’s why they are seeing unusual colours in the northern lights , because the solar radiation has changed having an effect on the magnetic field and a lot more. Your going to see an uptic in volcanic activity also flooding in unusual places, drought, early and late cold impacting crops and commerce. Famine on a mass scale, sickness , violence, mass migration , on and on and on. History repeats itself. We are so far past , with the biggest crime syndicate running the show, corruption so big and so embedead that that ship has sailed, a long , long time ago.
    I think the Russians know. They have built and are building the best ice breakers in the world . They have been hardening their electronics in case of an EMP caused by the sun. They have built transportable nuclear stations, the latest sent to the Siberian North sea route to power an LG plant and 200,000 workers.
    Anyways , like I said, ” it doesn’t matter “.

  • The only thing I would say is that CBD does not make you high. It does cure children of life-destroying violent seizures. It preserves bones and helps stress and insomnia. So the monopoly on CBD — which I don’t know how they can enforce it, because CBD is already sold legally in all states?? is meant just to inhibit the health of the people, as so many government restrictions on natural curealls have done for years. Yes, why isn’t this smashed up so easily? A lack of will. And while we had the time, we did not use the levers available to us. What did the sheeple do? They kept voting and hoping, like a bunch of retarded lemmings. Pretty bad for such an intelligent species as we are, though we prevented half of it from using theirs because we prefer to sell them and fuck them (females). And now their mad climate engineering has left us with about a decade before we have no clean water, no food, and not enough oxygen to exist. Thanks, ruling class. I hope your sense of superiority over the people you deliberately main and kill was well worth it.

    And as for the obvious false flags, please prove anything was sent to anyone. If you want people to rise up, you have to call out the LIARS and CRIMINALS who fake attacks on themselves in order to imprison the opposition. We have to call the mailbomb incident an obvious fraud and we need to find some authority somewhere on this planet to begin to investigate it. 911: hoax. “Terrorism”: complete bullshit.


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