Covid, “Protests” and the Five Primal Divisions

As those familiar with RCO (Ruling Class Observations) know, the Five Primal Divisions produce a false reality called the Establishment. Covid provides us with an excellent and vivid picture of the Primal Divisions at work. Unfortunately the average masking-wearing individual will not grasp this “esoteric” knowledge. It is for those who know and for those who want to know, whether you believe in the viruses or not.

  1. Division of the minority from society

Although at times difficult to document, it is a truism that the ruling class and the rich don’t have to follow the same rules as the masses. Remember when anti-abortion VP candidate Sarah Palin said she considered having one? Or when she said her teenage daughter’s pregnancy was a family matter? The family was applauded for making the “right” choice in having the kid? Remember when Leona Helmsley said “We don’t pay taxes. Only the little people pay taxes.”

Why would it be any different with Covid and vaccinations? There have been rumors that Bill and Melinda Gates did not have their kids vaccinated. Would it be shocking if it was true? Given what we know about vaccines perhaps it would be more shocking if they had been vaccinated. Do you think the ruling class will be forced to into vaccination (or having pregnancies) if they don’t want it?

Meanwhile Mom and Pop Retailers Are Struggling During the Lockdowns. Big Box Giants Are Thriving reported Barron’s in May. “In many ways, the coronavirus has only accelerated trends already in place, notes [Deutsche Bank Torsten] says Sløk”. No kidding. The ruling class is always attacking the masses and the middle class in particular (The Great Middle Class Massacre for instance). The puppet government has heaped seemingly limitless largesse on their masters, showering them with trillions of dollars of unneeded bailout money while most funds nominally allocated for small businesses have also been grabbed by the bigs.

Helping the ruling class to destroy the middle class is the army of protesters, many of whom are peaceful and honest, ostensibly against police brutality (but not against not the wholesale destruction of their society). It is lead by Black Lives Matter, a billionaire and corporate funded operation. These protests have been used as a cover by a rioters and terrorists peopled by criminals and child molesters like Joseph Rosenbaum and Anthony Huber, who were killed by Kyle Rittenhouse who was defending local businesses. The goal is not only to destroy the middle class but also to start a race war as we’ve been documenting (see The Fight For Reality, “I Can Pay One Half Of The Working Class To Kill The Other Half” ).

Among the lower orders, the masses of unemployed, if they were lucky, got mere crumbs as is their destiny under a ruling class. They got a one time “stimulus” check and extended unemployment insurance. Those gains were made possible by the fake “haggling” between the liberal and conservative parties. In contrast, the trillions doled out to their billionaire, banking and corporate interests was planned before the fake virus hit and without questions asked.

The ruling minority hates its masses. As long it exists the masses can never sleep but sadly they have learned to sleep soundly with the guillotine hanging over their heads, and now the blade is coming down. Will they awaken in time?

2. Division of the female from society

In an interview with Ron Paul, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. said in 2005 mothers of intellectually disabled kids kept coming to him insisting he look into vaccines. He was reluctant but they persisted and pushed. Kennedy was dumbfounded by what he discovered by reading the science presented to him. Tragically most mothers, like most of society, have been conditioned to abandoned their motherly instincts that help make them uniquely positioned to be guardians of children.

Dividing the female from society shapes how society thinks. The Great Disparity brings with it not only an imbalance to society in the form of the ruling class vs the masses, but also a corresponding imbalance in the consciousness of the individual. It favors the patriarchal sensibilities in the thought process of the population. The harsh authoritarianism it evokes facilitates ruling class domination. Most of the population has readily accepted the patriarchal ruling class father with a trust that most parents would envy. More than one virus dissenter has also pointed out that germ theory was modeled on a war paradigm. That is, the germ is an invader from the outside is trying to breach the body’s defenses which needs the help of weapons like vaccines to vanquish.

The paternal authority of ruling class conditioning has prepared the masses well. The well bred masses accepts the virus without question though it has devastated much of society and is easy to discredit. Individuals in a much healthier and more balanced society would have greater difficulty adjusting to the irrational brutality of our higher orders just because they say so.

Tipping the balance in favor of the more brutal aspects of human nature also makes it easier to drive the masses into violent frenzies and makes conciliation and understanding much harder to achieve. The patriarchal sensibility facilitates an adversarial stance among those who should be natural allies.

3. Divison of nature from society

In accepting the Covid virus and the need for a vaccine we have been taught that our bodies don’t know how to deal with illness despite the fact that they have evolved with the natural world for tens of thousands of years — and survived! The human body has not only survived but thrived in the process. And for most of that time it has been without the “benefits” technology. But ironically with the advent of industrial “medicine” humanity has never been more unhealthy. The answer is not producing more industrial waste but getting closer to nature.

We also see here the abandonment of natural cures that have worked for thousands of years in favor of industrial concoctions that constantly destroys lives if they are not recalled first. Our bodies know how to heal and nature has provided us with a wealth of remedies with little to no side effects, none of which pose any serious danger to the user (unless you take a poison!).

In terms of the “protests”, individuals of society are constantly driven to see the ills of society as deriving from the supposedly inherent deficiencies or inferiority of the “other” while the nature of unaccounted power goes ignored. The commonality of flesh and blood is persistently undermined.

4. Division of neighbor from neighbor

Consequently, it would not be so easy to pit neighbors against each other in a healthier society. When the abundance is more wide spread and less bottled up at the top the population is less inclined to turn on each other. But in a ruling class society, at the word of the masters one will readily look upon their neighbor as a bio-hazard, as a potential source of disease and illness without the slightest demand. The masses take a guarded suspicious sideward glance at the unmasked (no exaggeration!) whereas yesterday they would have greeted their neighbor with a smile and handshake.

The proper breeding of the masses in a ruling class society prepares them well when the masters need them to butt heads, which is pretty much all the time. The masses can be trained to react on a trigger to perform as needed. This is made possible with the primal ingrained alienation that individuals have from one another. The liberal masses have learned to react to the alleged killing of a black man with Earth-shattering indignation and fury, while the alleged killing of a white man hardly elicits outrage.

In the alleged killing of George Floyd two of the officers are white. But protesters decry white supremacy. The formula has been set. The trigger is as dependable as clockwork. Footage of a black man killed in March in Rochester, NY, surfaced only a few days ago in early September. Why? It has led to multiple days of protests in various cities. There are familiar reports of protesters blocking traffic and flipping tables at area restaurants. It should go without saying that police brutality against anyone is unacceptable but shouldn’t protesters understand how they are being used to turn on their fellow lower order dweller? Shouldn’t they recognize they that they should be directing their anger at those that pull the strings?

If the establishment wants to stir conflict among the masses all they have to do is stage a murder of a black man by police. Does it even matter at this point if the tragedy was real or not? But remember it doesn’t work when police kill a white man. That would not cause social unrest.

The human is not a bio-hazard. Your fellow unprivileged neighbor is not the source of you trouble. The way to end these crimes is to see through the agenda and come together. That is what the masters fear.

5. Division of ego from individual

Breeding the individual to have a weak, shriveled ego that is then bloated with establishment labels makes the individual insecure and easy to manipulate. The masters play on their socially curated insecurities. The masses’s impotence and lack of real independent thinking confuses and angers them. It blinds them to reason and objectivity. Their ingrained lack of confidence makes them hesitant to act against the virus lie. Demolishing the natural strength of the ego makes them as predictable and manageable as cattle in a herd.

Would a strong healthy ego accept lockdowns and mask-wearing without at least a reasonable explanation? Wouldn’t they say, “before I accept this destruction of society, I’m going to find out for myself”?

Wouldn’t they challenge the powers that be instead of the little individual beside them when a wrong has been committed? How beneath the strong expanded ego it is to go after another unprivileged and isolated individual. Indeed, a shriveled ego can lead one to value “demographics” — particular groups within society — over one’s own humanity. This is because the confident, secure ego is secure and confident in themselves as a person and don’t have as much need for demographics as part of their identity. The intense focus on tribe and demographics is the desperate need to be part of a herd, to find comfort in its numbers, to hide in its breadth of anonymity.

As demonstrated by Covid and the “protests” all it takes is the perception, promoted by a trusted authority, that others are doing it in order to get an individual to act in a prescribed manner. This is called herding the masses.

In a properly trained ruling class society authorities don’t need guns to destroy businesses and imprison individuals in their own homes. On the other hand, lower order clashes can be generated when convenient and with relatively little effort.

Thanks to well conditioned subservience to the ruling class agenda, the masses have learned not to ask difficult questions. With the properly trained ego the individual instinctively knows their place. The ruling class conditions its individuals to divorce themselves from their own true natures that might question things that don’t make sense or go against their interests, like a child might question the obvious absurdities of the “grown-ups”. But perhaps that takes too much awareness and sophistication.

Break the spell of the Five Primal Division and liberate yourselves from ruling class bondage.

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