Alien Thoughts From A Plandemic Journal: Mask-Free

What if things go unchallenged? Guest post from the near future

Going Out Has No Purpose

You get used to it. It seem like nothing, but it is. It makes you notice things and even appreciate them. It’s so simple. I just like to think of you there with a mouth and a free human smile understanding what it is to breathe fresh air without guilt, without the alienation. Seems like a precious scarcity nowadays.

Those “brave” enough to venture outside always wear their masks. It is rare to see someone not wearing one. I myself have been mask-free for a week now. When you first liberate yourself from the mask, the hardest thing to do is walk down the street maintaining your composure because of the exhilaration and liberation you feel from unimpeded breath. Sounds strange but you trying wearing one for a month straight, and forget what it is to breathe “outside”. I guess it’s political as well as physical. A sense of independence and self-respect surges through your body and you want to express it somehow. I want to stop and engorge myself on all the outdoor air I can. But I mostly keep quiet and keep my head down.

We walk a lot because that’s all we can do. If you’re lucky you will be deemed an “essential” worker. But other than that, we can’t go to parties, gather to listen to a speech, go to the movies or have a picnic. Those are considered “non-essential activities”. We can go “out” as long as it’s for a purpose like going to the store or walking your dog. The cops have the power to stop you in the streets to take your temperature and ask you questions. They can violate your freedom of association if you gather without “purpose”, though they don’t usually arrest anyone. They just give you a warning, with the third violation leading to garnishment of your govcoin allotment. The further down the food chain you go, the more violent these confrontations can become. But nobody talks about it. What else is new?

It’s not the law but it is “strongly recommended” that people wear a mask and don’t go out. It’s become the new moral custom. Only four waves of viral outbreaks in fifteen months, and you got yourself a self-reinforcing social virus called tradition. Going “outside” is frowned upon when it “has no purpose”. That’s the phrase the mayor used in his press briefing. “We prefer people stay at home if being outdoors ‘has no purpose’ as defined in the Social Interaction Guidance Report”. I actually heard someone say it too. I was waiting in line at the market, and despite our social distancing I could hear the man behind me mumble under his mask to his daughter, who was apparently getting restless in the house. He told her, “I’m sorry, honey. It’s not a good idea to go outside right now if it ‘has no purpose’.”

Like I say, if you keep quiet and to yourself, you’ll be left alone. We still have our “freedoms” after all. So we walk plenty. Everybody’s got an “errand” to run. They never thought that cooping up the people would make them more eager to go out. That’s what gives me some hope. When this whole coronavirus thing first broke, people stayed in far more than they do now. There’s still not many people on the street though there are more.

That’s why they make it rain frequently and it’s always overcast. They want to discourage us from going “out”. They want to keep our morale low. But the people are getting restless despite their compliance. It’s like watching a tug of war, a battle of wills. The government wants people to stay in and cooped up under masks. The people want to go out. Who will prevail?

I get depressed thinking about it sometimes. The people are handicapped by their strong well-bred herd instincts. Most of them don’t even know they’re under assault. They don’t notice the weather warfare or this “virus” plaguing them. Most people don’t know what the corporate government is doing. Inevitably most will “identify” with it and turn into its unwitting agents among the people. They embrace the forces that seem too big to challenge. They’ll even turn on you for it. You see it happen right before your eyes. Most people explain the dreary weather as just climate change. But it’s not hard to tell it’s not just that. The geoengineering missions have been more and more frequent. On any given day you can see the planes seeding the sky.

Mask-wearers and Mask-frees

When you’re a mask-wearer, you can almost think life is normal. You don’t have to worry about being “openly hostile” to society, as some commentators have referred to the mask-free. The obedient have the establishment to back them up. Being mask-free is a lot lonelier. It makes you vulnerable despite the sense of liberation. Being mask-free is like putting a target on your back. You are one of the few visibly disobedient. You become suspect. People don’t seem to trust you.

Sometimes the mask-wearers look at me like I’m filth, like I’m selfish because I refuse to bow down and barricade my humanity at the command of the ruling class. The mask-wearers step aside as if trying to avoid contagion. Sometimes they rather step in a puddle than take their chances brushing by a mask-free two feet away. I used to play along and step aside, because I know they’re scared, but it just seems childish now. I never step aside now — but I’m still nice about it.

I remember seeing an article from the Rutherford Institute in 2020. It said, “Your Freedoms Don’t Have to Be Muzzled Just Because You’re Wearing a Mask“. And here we are today. Keep dreaming.

Occasionally there will be a feint attempt at a smile beneath their face chains like the mask-wearer is apologizing, or maybe not. You can’t assume anything, especially when they’re wearing a mask. Even so, I know some of what they’re thinking even if they don’t. We’ve all been there. You wear your face mask and come across some mask-free flaunting their “freedom”, being selfish for smiling and laughing their spittle and disease into the air. And there you are being good! The mask-free do what they want and are liberated. And I’m on the pavement obeying the government like a mask-wearing dog!

But now the roles are reversed, while they cower under their security mask, I still have dignity, and it makes me feel superior to the mask-wearer. I am not shunning the instinct to freedom, but actually, viscerally acting on it. It is a powerful feeling. But like I say, you have to be cautious about it. There’s been a strong correlation between those “infected” with the virus and those who are “troublemakers” or noncompliant. Nobody talks about that in public either. But as long as you’re quiet and mind your business you can go about mask-free. It gives the mask-wearers the comforting thought that they wear their masks of their own “free choice” even if they hate you for it.

When I see a mask-free on the street, I want to make contact. I want to reach out and say “let’s be in this together”! But I’m still weary of the snitch program, which the Fed says doesn’t exist, though many governors have setup snitch hotlines long ago. “That’s just to scare you,” says Murphy, a mask-free friend. I don’t know. I’m careful. When I pass a mask-free, I just give the thumbs up. Sometimes, they return the gesture, sometimes they look away nervously and scurry along as if they had something they should apologize for.

The funny thing is the mask-wearers are ones who constantly show symptoms of illness more often than mask-frees. You can tell they look weary in the eye, bloodshot with heavy bags under them from wearing the mask so much. Murphy says that’s because they breathe in all the toxins they exhaled hour after hour. Many wearers will also sleep with their masks on, compounding the problem, and tend to be heavy breathers as well.

Mask-wearers are only told to go home for a few days if they exhibit signs of illness, and are not always officially “quarantined”, that is, locked up in your own home for a week minimum or you’re dragged away to a “hospital”. The authorities are careful not to use the word “symptom” in regards to mask-wearers, although many inevitably are diagnosed with infection. Mostly they are regarded as having “signs of illness”. “Quarantine”, “symptoms” and “infection” are disproportionately used on mask-frees. That’s what it seems like to me, although I’ve had a mask-wearing neighbor taken away, while I was left alone. It’s that illusion of freedom again.

Everyone Has the Right to Wear a Mask

I lost my wife and kids. My wife said I was irresponsible and even criminal. Here is the last argument we had. It was in the morning, before work. I remember it almost word for word:

“What kind of example are you setting for the children?”

“That’s why I can’t go on with this!” I yelled terribly frustrated.

She took a deep breath, “It’s gonna pass. Just think of the kids and hold out just a little longer. And things will go back to normal. Death rates are decreasing —”

“That’s what they said after the third wave! This is not going to end. Don’t you get it? I will not teach our children to be good little lambs for the slaughter!” I regained my composure. “Let’s at least not wear the masks. This is a fake virus.”

There was a short pause. The patter of rain on the windows was louder than ever. We both knew it was over.

“My kids will no longer wear masks,” I tried to say reasonably and gently.

She shook her head “no”.

“You’re crazy,” she said.

I turned to go to work.”Your stupid friends are making you insane!” she yelled.

That was it. When I came home later nobody was there except a guy to serve me with a restraining order. At the hearing the judge said something like, “Everyone has the right to wear a mask or to go without. We must not judge the people on that. But it is highly irresponsible to subject one’s own children to the elements of a pandemic. And judging by your past history of refusal to have your children vaccinated, I have no choice but to deem you unfit to care for these children”.

I can only visit my kids once a week wearing a mask. I can’t talk to them about this virus, and I can’t tell them it’s their right not to wear a one. The first time I went to see them I wrote on the mask THIS IS TYRANNY. Putting it on my face felt like I was falling to my knees, naked before these absurd powers. I really felt the humiliation. It was like being forced to do something degrading, like being forced to lick your masters boots. But I thought of my son and daughter, how I’m the only one in their lives who still has some connection to sanity, who seems to remembers life Before Corona.

My ex-wife wouldn’t leave me and my kids alone for half of second. I didn’t know what to say to them. At some point during the visit I ripped my mask off and kissed them, and told them nobody had the right to make them do anything they didn’t want to do. I didn’t want my children to see their father on his knees, humiliated. Neither I did want to teach them to accept humiliation. I just couldn’t bear it.

I shouldn’t have done it but I couldn’t help it. When I left the house, and walked away in the drizzle, I knew my ex-wife wouldn’t let it slide. Now I can’t seem them for three months as punishment. It hurts but I’d rather teach them hard lessons than to bow down to subjection. I badly wanted to sit in a bar and drink. Sitting alone at home drinking was getting boring and depressing.


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